The BBR Auction Story

Auctioneer Bob Breeden spent a lifetime working in the construction industry, primarily in underground utilities.  When the housing market started to slow down in 2008, Bob and wife Janet started thinking about what might be both fun and lucrative for them to do going forward.

Janet had always been interested in owning a retail business, and she hit upon the gallery and auction industry as a good possibility.  She volunteered Bob to be the voice of the business.

Certified Auctioneer

Without knowing anything about auctioneering, Bob had to find out all about the business.  He attended the McClellan Community College Auctioneer program in Waco and completed 80 hours of classroom and bid calling for certification.  He easily passed the state exams and was issued his Auctioneers License in early 2009.  Thus BBR Auctions was born.

Venture into Estate Sales

By 2010, with live auction experience under their belt, Bob & Janet decided to venture into the “Estate Sale” market which has become more and more popular as a means to liquidate personal property.

By combining the auction inventory and advertising process with the “estate sale” program, BBR has been able to expand their expertise in appraisal and marketing.

In early 2015, BBR was fortunate to add longtime friend and associate Dana Caldwell to its staff as Sales Coordinator.  Dana, who retired from the Oil & Gas Industry, has brought her experience in sales and marketing to help with Estate Sales.

For more information, contact Bob or Janet Breeden.